Monday, August 1, 2011

The Morning Read

Food for thought
There is an interesting article in the latest Railway Digest regarding the business development\life cycle of a not for profit organisation, which of course, covers just about all of NSWs rail heritage operators.  Whilst true in all its facts about why NFP groups are often required to change and diverge from their original intent\purpose over time due to legal and (more often) finacial reasons, its fails to acknowledge the key fact that quite a few groups see no requirement to change their approach and commit to long term business planning (Ie, what worked so well 20 years is still applicable now).

Whilst this does not mean that all in the organisation are oblivious, it does mean that the task for those who do recognise it is all the harder and in most cases, it becomes a case of not just selling the product to the consumer, but also to the organisations own members!